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Has your exotic pet gone missing?

AJM Nuisance Animal Control also does exotic animal location and retrieval. You can have us use our trained tracking dogs, live trapping and hand capture experience, and other tools to find and catch your exotic pet.

Our experience includes a bear and an alligator, so your exotic animal is no problem for us.

Our experience in deterrence and exclusion techniques gives us a great understanding of how animals get into and out of places. We can use this knowledge to your advantage to help you keep your treasured exotic pet secure in its home and prevent it from escaping again.

When you bring us in to locate your lost exotic animal, we use a combination of tracking dogs, infrared detection, and good old-fashioned experience to find it. We are trained in tranquilizing (if it becomes necessary) and care for your missing pet as much as you do.

No creature is too strange for us

Trust in our safe tracking and capture

Let us help you keep your exotic pet safe

Call 574-528-0707


24-hour service available!

Weekends and holidays too!

• Llamas

• Alpacas

• Emus

• Anything!

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