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Keep the beasts out of your home and yard

If you have uninvited wild animals in your urban or suburban home, you need AJM Nuisance Animal Control. We'll capture them, remove them, and set up measures to keep them (and their furry friends) from coming back.

• Birds

• Bats

• Mice

• Skunks

• Disinfectant and odor control

• Live-trapping and removal / relocation

• No use of bait that might rot and stink

Deterrence and exclusion techniques

When you invite AJM Nuisance Animal Control into your home, you get nothing but respect for your property. Our goal is to protect your home from damaging animals and, if necessary, repair the damage that they have already done.

Rid your property of the urban and suburban pests

Your home is treated with the utmost respect

You get the very best in animal removal strategies

Call 574-528-0707


24-hour service available!

Weekends and holidays too!

* Wild animals only. We do not remove dogs or cats.

• Moles

• Snakes

• Squirrels

• Groundhogs

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